Kitchen Stainless Steel Rotary Peeler 30pcs Wholesale

Kitchen Stainless Steel Rotary Peeler 30pcs Wholesale

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Model: Peeler

Product information

Faster food preparation: Our carrot peelers is a time-saving tool in every kitchen, handling everything from soft fruits to thick vegetables! 

Sharp blades produce a thin and even peel, while our precision ground rotating blades reduce wast.

Safer, More Comfortable Peeling: With a slim, ergonomic handle that fits in the palm of your hand, our fruit peeler offers total control as you work! 

Great for left and right-handed users alike, it’s a safer and practical alternative to peeling with a paring knife.

Hard-to-clean kitchen products take away the joy of cooking. But because it is safe in the dishwasher, our peeler couldn't be easier! 

Only 6.8 inches in length, taking up minimal drawer space for easy storage and organization. Total delivery with 30pcs. | © 2010-2023

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