50pcs 7oz Clear Plastic Spice Jars With Red Caps

50pcs 7oz Clear Plastic Spice Jars With Red Caps

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Model: Spice bottles

Product information

Made of high quality plastic,durable and non-toxic,safe.

Set of 50 plastic canister spice jars,each measures 5.5cm Dia.x11cm H, holds 200ml. Great for home and commercial use.

Porous design: The top is designed with three round holes for easy pouring of spices and condiments without sprinkling excess. 

Convenient and economical. Perfect for glitter,pepper,sugar,cocoa powder and other spices.

Professional seal: The lid on the top of the 6oz spice bottle is easy to open and close,the lid rotates closed,tight and reliable seal. Each lid keeps the contents fresh for a long time.

Removable lid is easy to clean.

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